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Welcome!  Use the PLANT SALE 2024 drop down menu to browse through our sections. Return to this HOME page at any time.

Thank you for supporting our 2024 Charity Plant Sales Project. The Rotary Club of Loughborough Beacon has delivered pre-ordered plants to customers in the Loughborough area for over 30 years. We purchase our plants in bulk, and manage our distribution through the kind hospitality of Manor Farm, Long Whatton. We are assisted by wonderful volunteers, last year from 3M.

Club members and supporters manage all ordering, assembly and delivery. Each year we are able to donate all profits to local, national and international organisations dedicated to helping those in need.

The closing date for orders is 

8th May

To avoid late frosts, deliveries will be made to your door on 

16th , 17th and 18th May

No items found.